What is CBD?

CBD is a cannabidiol extracted from the hemp leaf. It is one of many cannabidiols.

How does CBD work?

CBD naturally activates receptors in the Endocannabinoid System of the body. The human body produces cannabinoids on its own and has two receptors for cannabinoids.

The overall function of cannabinoids is to provide homeostasis – balance, in our body. They also facilitate communication between different systems within the body.

CB1 receptors are mainly present in the brain, whereas CB2 receptors are part of the immune system.

This means that CBD naturally interacts with the body – our brain and immune system – and may affect a person’s health and well being.

Why use CBD skin care?

Besides its natural ability to activate receptors of the body, CBD is rich on antioxidants and fatty acids. This combination makes it a unique skin care component.

CBD skin care is suitable for all skin types, since it both inhibit sebum production and normalize overactive sebaceous gland cells. It can relieve inflamed and dry skin, smooth out wrinkles and prevent dry skin.

NatureCell combines the rich content of CBD with other natural ingredients to provide the best care for your skin.

Which skin conditions does CBD help?

Oily skin, rashes, dry skin, patches of redness, bug bites, itchy skin, fine lines and wrinkles.