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CBD in edibles


CBD edibles are becoming more popular and easier to find and for good reason! They are tasty and allow you to experience the benefits of CBD disguised in a delicious treat. As with anything you put into your body, it is important to consume them responsibly and not overdo it.
In this article we’ll address some common questions people have such as, what are CBD edibles and how long does it take to feel the effects of an edible. We’ll also look at how long the effects last and some things to look for to find a quality edible.


Almost any food or beverage that you can think of probably can also be found infused with CBD or any other cannabinoid. Drinks from coffee and tea to sweets like brownies, chocolate and berry stripes can all be made into CBD edibles.
It’s no wonder how popular CBD has become since so many people are stressed, anxious and looking for a solution to help improve their overall well-being. So let’s take a look at what CBD is and some specifics about the edibles like how long they take to kick in and how long they last.


CBD is the active ingredient in CBD edibles that promotes that feeling of relaxation and a sense of well-being. In addition to CBD edibles, there are many other ways to take CBD such as in oil or tincture form and also in capsules. Some popular forms of CBD include berry stripes and chocolates. CBD edibles come in full-spectrum, broad-spectrum and isolate form just like CBD oils. CBD edibles with CBD isolate only contain CBD since all other compounds are removed in the process. In CBD products with full-spectrum CBD, many other compounds in addition to cannabidiol can be found like terpenes, flavonoids and small traces of THC. Depending on what you prefer and the effect you are going for, there are edibles for everyone.


Unlike smoking, vaporizing, or taking CBD sublingually, you feel the effects much slower when you ingest it. With smoking or vaporizing the effects can be felt almost immediately. When you take CBD sublingually the effects are felt a bit more slowly but overall the product does go into your system relatively quickly. When you eat an edible the body needs time to metabolize and digest the food in order to feel its effects. For absorption, this means a much slower time, and more THC will be filtered out. How quickly you feel it will depend on your metabolism. Those with slower metabolisms probably won’t feel the effects for two hours or more, while people with faster metabolism might feel it just after an hour. It just depends on your body.


As with how long it takes to feel a CBD edible, how long the effects last also depends on a variety of factors. The strength of the edible, how much you consume, your metabolism and how much food is in your stomach before you eat it are just a few of the factors. Generally speaking, metabolizing industrial hemp makes the effects much stronger, so it’s important to be careful not to overdo it. You may be wondering what type of dose should you look to take? As a rule of thumb, most places recommend 10-20mg as a dose. However, everyone’s body and tolerance levels are different so listen to your body and see what feels best for you.


When looking for a quality CBD edible there are a few things to consider. Keep an eye out for products that are clearly labeled and properly packaged. Also, make sure to read carefully what the serving size is for the dose of CBD you are looking for. Since the industrial hemp industry is still in its beginning stages there are not a ton of regulations when it comes to the CBD edible market. It’s best to do your own research and see what type of products you feel the best taking. Our understanding that not only food has production standards, but also the cultivation practices, is why we implemented industry leading international food and supplement production standards. Our core production of Industrial Hemp-derived CBD and other Cannabinoids, fully vertically integrated from soil to finished product, is based on the increasingly stringent quality assurance standards that modern food and nutraceutical companies follow.