CBD Oil 1000mg


Moisturizing CBD oil to boost your skin care routine

30 ml.

The unique properties of CBD make NatureCell 1000mg CBD Oil the perfect match for any skin type.

NatureCell 1000mg CBD Oil contains active ingredients to intensively nourish your skin – and help your skin destress. Only the best to reestablish balance for a beautiful looking skin.

The CBD effectively relieves dry skin, limits the sebum production, and normalizes overactive sebaceous glands leaving your skin beautiful.

MCT oil in combination with CBD brings moisture to the depth of your skin. You can use it as a booster before applying your day or night cream, or mix it in other care products: hand soap, body lotion etc. The sky’s the limit!

NatureCell CBD Oil is quickly absorbed by your skin to relieve try or reddened skin.

Vegan and free from gluten and perfume.

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